Draw My Life

My Draw My Life Video

How I Made This Video: Working with GIMP

The first step I took in starting my project was opening up a new image and setting the canvas to 1080 x 720px (the size of a video frame). Under the advanced options in the dialog box, I set the background color to white. Then I added a few transparent layers and renamed the layers. I made sure to name the white background layer as background and only worked with the transparent layers.

GIMP screenshot
GIMP layers

After making a sample drawing, I noticed that the lines were extremely jagged and wobbly. This was due to the natural shakiness of my hand on the drawing tablet. After some research, I realized that the shakiness and jagged lines were normal and in order to correct this I had to apply the smooth stroke option to my brush. There were also a few other options to work with to create clean and authentic looking brush lines.

GIMP test drawing GIMP test zoom
GIMP tool options

Quicktime Player

I used Quicktime Player to screen record my drawings. I recorded each frame as I drew them on GIMP and saved each recording. Then I imported the recordings in iMovie and cropped each video clip to fit just the GIMP canvas in the frame. This is so that the rest of my computer screen is out of the frame in the final product. After cropping each clip, I imported the voice over audio and sped up the clips so that they played in sychronization with the narration.

Video editor screenshot
Quicktime Screen Recorder